Sunday, August 11, 2019

System of Rice Intensification in Cambodia The System of Rice Intensification or SRI is a simple package of good husbandry for hand planted rice crops. SRI is particularly valuable to farmers with small holdings because it does not compel them to buy more inputs and even partial adoption of the package brings results. Success in SRI also builds the confidence of farming communities to adopt and adapt other useful technologies. In 2010, just 100,000 farmers (many of them women and many very poor) adopted SRI. Their average yields rose from 2.6 t/ha to 3.5 t/ha. At a market price of $USD250/t, it is estimated that they added $USD6.2 million to the value of the Cambodian rice crop. Now they are telling their friends and neighbors about their success. There is 2.6 million hectares of land in Cambodia dedicated to growing rice.
Farmers Grow Rice at Kampong Chhnang - Green Rice Field in Cambodia Cambodia Khmer News New It was the first week of September 2016, we travelled to Kampong Tralach district in Kampong Chhnang province. Along the small paved road on the left, there are people growing rice and some other working on their rice fields, a plougher is ploughing his paddy fields. We can here the sound of baby frogs and the birds. These scenes are the peace of mind, relaxing, and homesick. We got down the car, walked to them, talked to them and took some photos and videos of these activities. They live in a peaceful and happy life. What'a beautiful lifestyle from Kampong Tralach district, Kampong Chhnang province in Cambodia. Thank you very much for watching. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE this video to all Khmers and the world. Your support is a huge encouragement for me as a Khmer to continue sharing the tourist attraction places in Cambodia to all Khmer and the World and bring more tourists to Cambodia.